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Online writing community set out to give you a place to explore, share, and have fun with your writing. From role playing to weekly writing challenges and story sharing, F.Y.R has it all!

We hope you enjoy yourself here!

  This website was created around the time roleplaying forums were taken away from a site called FooPets. We've expanded dramatically and are now a successful site, here to stay. This is an online text-base roleplaying website. We welcome a wide range of subjects from your fun and classic high school role plays to the ever loved tv show/movie/video game/book themed role play, all the way to some amazing original plots. Our role-playing forums consist of five categories: realistic, unrealistic, literate(detailed and extensive role plays), and semi-literate (plot points shallower in depth than literate with varying in length replies), and private/invite only role-playing. We also have additional forums like chat, writing tips, and creative writing. More information on each forum is located in the forum section of the site.  

  The site is run by owner, Jay, and admin, Moe. If you have any questions or concerns you can contact us through our inbox, or commenting on our profiles. You can also seek help from other members through our Chat threads. 

If you do have any concerns or complaints about members, please go to Jay or Moe before going to the forums with a negative opinion towards other members. It avoids riots. You can reach them from their profile and inboxes.

We only have a few rules here, but otherwise you rule yourselves. Please just use common sense and be mindful of the other members on the site. 


  1. Limited occurrences of sexual content within roleplaying is advised. For public role plays, you are required to put warnings on the top of each role-play notifying any member that may be looking to join that your role-play doesn't censor profanity and the sexual details within the role play. Furthermore, sex based role plays and usernames with inappropriate content within them are prohibited. You can see more on the guidelines for this topic here

  2. Please don't advertise other roleplaying websites on here unless consented by an administrator. If you are unsure whether or not what you are sharing will be accepted on here, contact one of the admins or check out FAQ for more information.